Guépard AC3000 Gateway - WLAN Controller

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Guépard AC3000/GAPC-0516-07

Detecting wireless APs, max 200 wireless APs can be managed
Auto-IP detection and assignment: AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 can detect all connected wireless AP, then assign an IP address for each AP automatically.

Manage and control: AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 can set AP’s SSID, Password, channels at the same time; It’s easy to operate APs, like upgrading firmware, restarting, resetting, then adjust subscriber’s quantity, wireless coverage, transmit power, making wireless signal more stable, improve wireless networking quality.

Tag VLAN: AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 support tag VLAN to manage AP, maximum 24 VLAN supportive. Connected with VLAN switch, deployed in networking as the bypass mode, it can realize information communication between each VLAN.

Real Time Monitor and Analyze: AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 will monitor and analyze wireless AP all the time, then show AP’s working status on Web manage page, make maintainer easy to maintain the whole networking.

Support Web management and Web remote Management: AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 support Web management, simple and clear. Then it support Web remote management, if the maintainer in another city, easy to control this AC controller by remote management, then monitor and maintenance the whole networking, saved much cost like human cost and transportation cost.

Gigabit WAN/LAN Port can work as router in the whole networking diagram AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 support router operation mode, such as PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP and PPTP, then with 1x10/100/1000Mbps WAN Port, 4x10/100/1000Mbps LAN port in this operation mode, supply faster ADSL, Optical Internet.

AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 support TAG VLAN to binding SSID, different SSID can bound with different Tag VLAN, then make different SSID isolated to ensure data security.
Besides that, AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 support multi firewall function: IP port filtering, MAC filtering, URL filtering, Port forwarding, DMZ... This allows user to access the networking in rules to protect and ensure the special networking application in safe, such as internet bank, FTP, H.323, IPSec/PPTP VPN.

AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 support Quality of Service based on bandwidth control, adopt bidirectional bandwidth control based on IP and MAC, it avoid BT, Thunder and other P2P applications to take excessive bandwidth, solution for low throughput, dropped packets, errors, latency, guarantee for freely Internet.

Low power consumption energy saving and environment protection AC3000/GAPC-0516-07’s running power consumption is lower than 5W, low heat, energy saving and environment protection, can prolong AC3000/GAPC-0516-07 ’s operation life.