GAC7000 Core Gateway Router - Controller

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Guépard GAC7000 Core Gateway Router New

Simplest for building network infrastructure, controlling clients and access points!
GAC7000 is a small-medium scale SMB Core Gateway router - Load balance - AP controller device with 05 Gigabit ports. GAC7000 can work as a core router, controller and authentication portal which can manage, control and monitor simultaneous 256 clients and 256 wireless access points in networking diagram at the same time. So GAC7000 is a very easy choice to set up and manage your basis networks that keep the whole networks running fast, stability and security.

High speed broadband router and Line back-up
* Factory default include: 1 Gigabit WAN port, 4 Gigabit LAN ports, high-speed data transmission. However, administrator can customize quantity of WAN/LAN ports for their real network demand.
* Line back-up: Router can automatically switch to other WAN ports for transmitting data when other WAN port is interrupted, which will enhance the reliability of your network.
* Multi-broadband overlay so multi-ISP line can access at the same time, automatic rational use of the bandwidth, reducing the cost of operation; Support intelligent load balancing; optimized the number of users, network traffic, wireless signal effectively balanced, sharing the broadband on equipment equally and no blocking, zero off-line, enhance the user Internet experience.

Multi-in-one network flow control
Integrated router, flow control, load balancing, firewall, behavior management, VPN functions all in one, one device can create multiple solutions to reduce equipment cost; Zero configuration, simple deployment, easy installation, efficient maintenance.

Precision intelligent DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) seven-layer flow control function, Al automatic learning and continuous automatic optimization of the network
* Simple and easy in the intelligent flow control function with just only one switch on.
* Recognition technology based on traffic size and traffic characteristics, calculations of dealing with fairness and control network delay.
* Support IP-shunt and session-shunt, bandwidth overlay and no dropping off at the same time. Powerful shunt rules based on combination of IP address, time, port, routing table, application, shunt and weight, meet with various shunt requirements.

Broadband control policy
Rules for IP address, authenticated user, user level, user department and time conditions, it can be precise limit the maximum traffic and the maximum number of TCP and UDP connections of users per line. In the case of tight broadband, it can automatically apply priority, as games and web pages should have priority, P2P downloads will not affect the on line experience.

Flexible firewall module, controlling intranet information security
* Firewall module run on 7 layers OSI an configure or organize to address, user, level, department cooperation time, destination address and destination port.
* Policy can be carried out for delegated applications, designated parts and delegated external network lines.
* Integrated port mapping, source address translation, intranet DDOS protection functions.
* IP-MAC Binding Function to prevent Intranet ARP Attacks.

Automatic detection and unified management wireless AP (up to 256PCS wireless AP can be managed) and 256 end users accessing.
* Automatic detecting of all APs working in thin AP (FIT AP) mode, and unified configuration and management of AP with zero-configuration.
* Support accurate seamless roaming and intelligent channel analysis, support manual adjustment of AP transmission RF power, reduce mutual WiFi interference between AP, improve the wireless network quality.
*Support load balancing based on the number of access users. Through policy rules, AC can dynamically adjust the uniform distribution of users among different AP.

Multiple User Access Authentication
* Support VPN, private network with encrypted communication for the security of remote access.
* Support wireless marketing function (Landing page) with Portal authentication and WEB authentication to meet the needs of different users and different scenarios.
* Support remote centralized management and maintenance across regions.
* Support managing mini manual DSL (manual Digital Subscriber Line) with PPPoE Authentication for PPPoE users.

Behavior Management
Support Behavior management can completely block P2P software, P2P flow control and broadband distribution, manage file transmission and fully control illegal web site surfing network behavior effectively.

Smart QoS Policy
* Through IP-based network traffic speed limit mechanism and NAT table restriction mechanism, it can control the excessive occupation of network width by P2P software such as BT effectively.
* Support QoS policy configuration for IP segment/ IP range in a shared and exclusive manner in a specific time period to meet user's flexible business configuration requirements.