WiFi 6 - Guépard 3000Mbps Outdoor Access Point

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Guépard 3000Mbps Dual-Band Access Point

Guépard 3000Mbps Outdoor wireless Router/Access Points is specifically designed to operate in set-ups for both residential and commercial applications. Integrated Qualcomm chipset and high RF power to assure Wi-Fi coverage (wireless distance up to 150 meters) good choice in wide and airy terrain such as: Beach, stadium, school campus, golf course, airport, station, wharf. Comply with the next generation 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard (Wi-Fi 6): working on 2.4GHz 11ax (600Mbps) and 5GHz 11ax 2400Mbps simultaneously. Wireless speed up to 3000 Mbps together with Gigabit Ethernet port not only enabling modern users whom enjoy high speed surfing but also allows for very stable connectivity of control systems and the possibility of bridging and providing access simultaneously.

The very stable operating devices minimize the occurrence of auto resets and prevent faulty start-ups after resetting. The flexible with simple web interface (friendly GUI) which saving time configuration process for the installer.

Working ability in harsh environments
Guépard 3000Mbps Outdoor protected by ABS material shell which avoid the damage from dust, rain, high humidity and direct sunlight. So Guépard 3000Mbps Outdoor adapt to various environments where temperature normal can be -20℃ to 70℃. It’s suitable for harsh environments.
RF Power manual adjustable, flexible application
With powerful amplifier, improved the Wi-Fi range for some area with less wireless AP; Ability cut down on RF power suitable for some high density of wireless AP area to avoid Wi-Fi interference.
Power over Ethernet
The Guépard 3000Mbps Outdoor can be powered fully with PoE (Power over Ethernet) minimizing power cable’s needs throughout the building.
The Guépard 3000Mbps Outdoor can be ability configured in up to 8 separate SSID’s (each SSID support tag VLAN) allow simulating different wireless networks like a guest network. These networks can be configured to give different users, different rights that are specific each user and their individual needs (e.g. access the network or dedicated parts of the network, access internet or just intranet, use VoIP, stream video, gaming etc.).
The Guépard 3000Mbps offers multiple security modes, which makes safe data transmission. The Unified Management System (AP Controller) based on X86 base allows network administrators to centrally manage IP Address, SSID, Security Settings, firmware upgrading etc. for all the LAN APs. What’s more, this wireless access point work with Management System, easy to do remote management, advertisement and captive portal authentication, which make this AP more professional in Wi-Fi Projects.
Centralized Management and Captive Portal Authentication Support
Work with WLAN Controller, centralized configuration and management, easy to achieve Wi-Fi Coverage and maintenance; Possibility access into cloud server to do remote monitor and Captive Portal authentication to bring more business value.